Recipe Roundup – Rice Crispy Treats

Happy Halloween!

Rice Crispy Treats are some of the easiest (and most fun) desserts to make and you can find a version for almost any holiday. It’s a pretty simple concept, but the recipes that people come up with are so creative. We think we’ll try out one of these for our Halloween festivities – because cake is delicious, but it’s always nice to have a dessert for people who don’t like cake (not that we know many of those people. ha!).

All of these recipes call for regular marshmallows, but there are some delicious vegan versions out there. One of our varieties is Dandies – which you can get a Whole Foods. Try them at your own risk…because you might become addicted!

1. Red Velvet Rice Crispy Treats from Lovin’ From The Oven


These currently call for a full on red velvet cake mix, but you could just make regular rice crispies and add food coloring. You could totally call them Vampire Snacks (get it?).

2. Cookies and Cream Dirt Cake Rice Krispy Treats from Southern Fairytale

Rice Krispies Treat Dirt Cake

Sticking with the obviously themed treats, how about some dirt! Replace the butter with a vegan version and the Oreos with something like Glutino’s or gluten-free Newman O’s. Whichever variety works the best for you. I’m thinking we should call these the Graveyard Shift.

3. Candy Corn Krispy Treats from Glorious Treats

These are super cute and the recipe is really easy to follow, especially because she provides some step-by-step images of the process as well. Replace the ingredients as necessary. We couldn’t come up with a very clever name for these, so I suppose we’ll stick with Candy Corn.

4. Halloween Shaped Rice Crispy Treats from Botanical Paperworks blog

These Halloween treats are adorable and so easy to make - a great treat for the kids to help make!

You can make these in almost any shape you want, but since most writable frosting isn’t vegan or gluten-free we’d probably stick with the most recognizable shapes, like a bat or coffin. These are just regular rice crispy treats that were cut out with a cookie cutter! So easy. We’d go with a fun name like Midnight Flight or Flights of Fancy for the bat shapes, if you went with a pumpkin, you could put them on a plate and call it the Pumpkin Patch.

5. Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispy Treats from Shugary Sweets

Chewy, delicious Pumpkin Spice Krispie Treats. Easy to make and perfect for any fall party!

No fall celebration would be complete without Pumpkin Spice flavored desserts, so naturally we had to include a pumpkin spice version of the Rice Krispy Treat roundup. You could totally make these in the pumpkin shapes like the recipe above talks about too. Genius. Anyhow, the recipe calls for pumpkin spice jello pudding mix, but you could replace that with the pumpkin spice mixture we like to use in our Pumpkin Spice cupcakes. You can see the recipe for those here

Let us know which ones you’ll be trying out for your Halloween celebration!